Agent of the Month – May 2013

Larry Lambert, Jennifer Nunoz, Alice Babineaux & A.V Barnes

Stroud National Agency (of Ruidoso, New Mexico) is pleased to present the “Agent of the Month” award to Larry Lambert Insurance (of Liberal, Kansas). The Agency qualified by writing the most new farm insurance business during the month of May 2013. They were in competition with over 700 independent agents throughout the United States who produce farm business for Stroud National. Larry Lambert Insurance has been an established business in Liberal for over 9 years, with strong dedication to their clients in multi-lines of insurance, and has been an agent for Stroud National for 8 years. They have an excellent history of insuring the very best farm risks in their territory. The Flower Basket has delivered a beautiful fresh floral arrangement to the Agency. Along with the floral arrangement, the Agency has also received a cash award from Stroud National.