The last couple of days, weeks and the uncertain future has caused many variables for our industry. The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 virus is most likely creating questions you have on how we will be responding to coverages and other important topics pertaining to your insureds. We are in the process of implementing a plan to comply with public health orders.
In addition, Stroud National Agency, Inc. is taking strong precautions to protect our employees. Please continue to contact us at the same number you always use, 800-654-4056. Some of us will be working remotely but our office will remain open. We are here and will continue to support your agency.

Why Stroud National Agency?


    Stroud National Agency celebrated its 56th anniversary in April 2017. The Company has met every financial obligation, both to agents and companies. When choosing a business partner, financial strength is so important.


    Our staff of 12 has 175 years of employment with Stroud. Our newest employee has four years with the Company. When you call Stroud, you are greeted by a knowledgeable person, not a computer saying ÔÇ£Dial 1 for English.ÔÇØ


    Our agents are paid a 15% commission on new farm premium, plus generous profit sharing if your farm premium volume is $250,000.00 or more. We combine your farm premium written with all of our companies.

  4. One CONTRACT gives you access to ÔÇ£AÔÇØ rated companies.

    Our staff does your comparative rating and coverage comparison for you.

  5. We can write anything from a hobby to a large farm.

    Some like small hobby farms of five acres and a horse, while others relish multi┬À million dollar homes and high valued equipment with 100,000 acres.

  6. Our companies and our STAFF are extremely proud

    Our ability to insure all types of equine risks, including off-premises equine liability, training and boarding, care custody control, special events and individual instructions are second-to-none.

  7. Our STAFF prides itself on timeliness

    Whether it be on new quotes, policy renewals, commission checks, or simply the ability to answer questions concerning coverage, billing, etc.


    Our employees act as an intermediary between you and the Company in helping to solve problems that may arise.


    Service from Stroud to our 700 agents is the same, regardless if you have one policy or 100 policies. We have agencies with premium volume in the mid to high six figures and several hundred agents with premium volume of less than $10,000.00.

Interested in becoming an agent with Stroud National Agency?

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