Agent of the Month – Aug 2014

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Stroud National Agency, Inc. of Ruidoso, New Mexico is pleased to present the “Agent of the Month” award to Lana L Mock & Associates of Seven Points, Texas.  The Agency qualified by writing the most new farm and ranch business during the month of August 2014.  They were in competition with over 700 independent insurnance agents throughout the United States who produce farm and ranch business for Stroud National.  Lana L Mock & Associates, Inc. purchased the Skip Smith Insurance Agency in 2012 and has been doing business in teh Cedar Creek Lake community for 19 years.  They have worked with Stroud National Agency for most of this time and have an excellent history of insuring the very best farm and ranch risk in the state of Texas.   Capt’n B Florist has delivered a beautiful flowering plant, the Agency has alos received a cash award for the Agent of the month Achievement.