Getting to Know Mr. Mark Osborne

Photo of Mark Osborne of Stroud National Agency Inc. working at his desk. © 2023 Mike Garretson. All rights reserved.

Moving along with our “Get to Know Us” series at Stroud National Agency, Inc., we have Mr. Mark Osborne.

Mark has been a member of our Underwriting team since 2018 and plays a key role in quoting and underwriting farm and ranch policies. With his calm demeanor, awesome analytical skills, and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic, he is an underwriter’s underwriter and a great asset to our agents and their insureds.

Mark was a military brat as a kid and lived in the Philippines, Virginia, Florida, and New Mexico. As an adult, he continued on a wayfaring path for a while, living in Texas and Arizona before putting down roots in Ruidoso in 2006.

Before he signed up to ride with the Stroud Crowd, Mark worked in retail management for Walmart in Ruidoso and Roswell and was a facility manager for The Schwan Food Company.

If you’ve ever called or visited the office and heard a wide variety of music playing in the background, Mark, our resident music lover and honorary DJ, deserves all the credit. And if you’re ever short a pub trivia team member, you’d be wise to sign him up, as he either knows all the things or will deep dive into the Internet to figure them out in no time flat.

Away from the office, Mark enjoys going to concerts and traveling. He particularly likes visiting breweries and talking with the owners about the beer brewing process. We’ve heard he’s even made some beer of his own, even if we haven’t been invited to partake just yet.

Did you learn anything new about Mark? Do you have any good stories to share?

Show Mark some love and stay tuned for future posts on other awesome members of the Stroud Crowd.

Photo shot on Kodak TMAX 400 120 film. Development and scanning by Studio V by Scott Vo Photography – – Instagram – Facebook – LinkedIn

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