Getting to Know Mrs. Dawnielle Cunningham

Photo of Dawnielle Cunningham of Stroud National Agency Inc. working at her desk. © 2023 Mike Garretson. All rights reserved.

Next up on our “Get to Know Us” series at Stroud National Agency, Inc. is Mrs. Dawnielle Cunningham.

Dawnielle is another relatively new Stroud Crowd recruit, but she has hit the ground running and fast become an essential member of our Underwriting team, where she uses her analytical and organizational skills and keen eye for detail to make the quoting and policy application processes as smooth as possible for our agents and their insureds.

Dawnielle is a New Mexico native who grew up in the eastern part of the state and in the Ruidoso area before setting off for Lubbock, Texas, where she studied and worked in accounting and human resources. However, feeling the tug of family and quite possibly remembering with fondness the cooler climate of home, she moved her young family up the mountain to Ruidoso in 2021, and we couldn’t be happier to have her.

Dawnielle loves hiking and fishing and just being outdoors in general, and even considered a career in wildlife biology before settling on business administration. One of her fondest memories is of a wildlife biology internship she did in the Lubbock area that gave her the chance to participate in aerial deer and hog surveys.

In case you were wondering just how much Dawnielle likes the outdoor life, rest assured that not even a reported early tussle with a turtle would change her mind. As an aside, while we don’t have any word on possible injuries to the turtle, we have to assume that Dawnielle gave as good as she got.

Also, while her life took her east to Lubbock as an adult, we’ve learned Dawnielle’s first trip to the Hub City came much earlier in life when she and her fraternal twin brother were whisked there by helicopter after being born premature. While she was born shortly after her brother, this is widely attributed to her kicking him out. Despite this and a young Dawnielle’s reluctance to share “her birthday”, the two are close to this day.

Did you learn anything new about Dawnielle? Do you have any good stories to share?

Show Dawnielle some love and stay tuned for future posts on other awesome members of the Stroud Crowd.

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