Getting to Know Ms. Lynelda Cypher

Photo of Lynelda Cypher of Stroud National Agency, Inc. at her desk. © 2023 Mike Garretson. All rights reserved.

Next on the list for our “Get to Know Us” series at Stroud National Agency, Inc is Ms. Lynelda Cypher.

Lynelda is kind and caring with a great dry wit and someone who you can always count on for straight talk, traits that make her a true asset to our agents and the team here in Ruidoso.

She’s been riding with the Stroud Crowd since 2013 and is responsible for handling endorsements for Traveler’s policies, making sure that requested changes are clear, that all necessary documentation is received to support those changes, and that the changes have been implemented correctly by the carrier and documented in our systems.

While Lynelda probably doesn’t mind riding a desk these days, she was a forklift certified warehouse manager in a previous life and has never been one to shy away from hard work and heavy lifting

A native of southern New Mexico whose life has taken her all over the American Southwest and even up to Alaska, Lynelda has fond memories of growing up riding horses and gathering cattle with her dad and grandparents on family land south of Cloudcroft. A former barrel racer, she has many tales of close scrapes, even having survived a horse falling on top of her, which she credits to the soft soil in the arena at the time.

Perhaps unknown to some, Lynelda is also a quite talented painter of landscapes who has won awards for her work. She might tell you she’s out of the painting business these days, but that hasn’t stopped her Stroud Crowd friends from trying to get new work out of her.

Did you learn anything new about Lynelda? Do you have any good stories to share?

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Photo shot on Ilford Delta 400 120 film. Development and scanning by Studio V by Scott Vo Photography – WebsiteInstagramFacebook