Getting to Know Ms. Margaret Rivera

Photo of Margaret Rivera of Stroud National Agency Inc.. working at her desk. © 2023 Mike Garretson. All rights reserved.

Continuing with our “Get to Know Us” series at Stroud National Agency, Inc., we have Ms. Margaret Rivera.

Margaret has ridden with the Stroud Crowd for a little over a year now and wears multiple hats; handling a broad range of accounting and finance tasks; issuing policies; answering phone calls; and managing our daily mail.

A native of eastern New Mexico who moved to Ruidoso 13 years ago, Margaret is a kind and generous soul who is willing and eager to learn, and a real team player, checking in on and helping others whenever she can. Before joining us, she handled the books for local businesses, waitressed, and cared for the elderly.

In addition to her skill with numbers, Margaret also enjoys writing poetry and had a piece, “Heart to Heart”, published on She has shared her poetry with her oldest daughter and is trying to do the same with her youngest daughter to motivate her as she learns to read and write.

On summer days Margaret enjoys boating, fishing, relaxing and taking in the sun at nearby Grindstone Lake, and she dreams of going on an Alaskan cruise someday. And lest you think she is “soft”, shortly after joining our team she hopped on a motorcycle and had a literal “run-in” with a fence, earning the affectionate nickname, “Hell on Wheels”.

Did you learn anything new about Margaret? Do you have any good stories to share?

Show Margaret some love and stay tuned for future posts on other awesome members of the Stroud Crowd.

Photo shot on Kodak TMAX 400 120 film. Development and scanning by Studio V by Scott Vo Photography – WebsiteInstagramFacebook

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