Lynelda Cypher heads off into retirement!

Chocolate cake with brown and pink frosting and chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries with the message: "Happy Retirement Lynelda" Copyright 2023, Stroud National Agency, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Today is the day! Travelers Endorsements Underwriter Lynelda Cypher will hang up her hat, turn in her keys, and ride off into the sunset of retirement after 10 years of dedicated service to Stroud National Agency, Inc.

We will most definitely miss having Lynelda in the office, but we’re excited for this next, well-earned, step in her life.

We truly appreciate everything she has done for the agency, our agents, and her fellow Stroud Crowd members, and we look forward to the photos and stories of her adventures to come!

If you’d like to wish Lynelda well, give her a call at 800-654-4056 today before 11am MDT / 12pm CDT.

Please also check out Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to see pictures of our celebration yesterday afternoon and share your favorite Lynelda stories.

Starting today, please direct Travelers endorsement requests to Stephen Bates,