Small Business, Large Impact: Small Business Month 2024

Small Business Month May 2024 - Support Small Business - Stroud National Agency, Inc.

Small Business, Large Impact: As May reaches its halfway mark, join us in honoring family farmers and ranchers, independent insurance agencies, and other small businesses across the United States. 👏👨‍🌾 🤠


Did you know?

  • Small businesses make up over 99% of all businesses in America and generate approximately 43.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in America. 🤯
  • Despite their often-minuscule workforces, small businesses are efficient job creators. Since 1995, they’ve created 62.7% of net new jobs compared to large businesses. 💡
  • On the whole, small businesses provide jobs for tens of millions of people, with nearly half of all U.S. employees working in small businesses. 👀

Source: Hendley, Nate. “Welcome to Small Business Month.” Business in Focus Magazine, 6 May 2024,


As a family-owned small business founded over 6 decades ago, Stroud National Agency, Inc. is tremendously grateful for the support and trust we receive from independent insurance agencies throughout the 18 states we serve. 🤝🙏

That said, we encourage you to extend that same generous support to other small businesses in your local community and across the country. Ultimately, by supporting small businesses, we’re contributing to a better future for all of us.  🙌🤼🏼‍♂️


Stroud National Agency, Inc. is a managing general agency (MGA) offering farm and ranch, irrigation, and business owner (BOP) coverage in the states of TX, OK, KS, NE, NM, AR, AZ, CO, IA, ID, MN, MO, MT, ND, OR, SD, UT, and WY through a network of independent insurance agencies. To learn more about the benefits of working with us, please visit our Why Stroud? page, To learn where you can write with us, please visit our Where is Stroud? page, .


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