Wildfire Awareness Month: Eight ways to reduce your risks

The words Wildfire Awareness Month in white text on a black background placed on top of a photo of a fire burning trees

Given our location in the arid, forested mountains of southern New Mexico and tragic events like the McBride Fire a little over a year ago, your #StroudCrowd friends know first-hand the importance of wildfire prevention. 🔥🌲🌳

Insurance can help to rebuild after a wildfire, but it can’t bring back lost friends and family members or cherished keepsakes, and wildfires can have a heavy and long-lasting impact on premiums and carrier apetite.

That’s why this Wildfire Awareness Month, we’re sharing eight ways to reduce your wildfire risk:

1️⃣ Clear dead brush and other flammable materials from your property regularly.
2️⃣ Be mindful of outdoor burning restrictions, especially during hot, dry, and windy weather.
3️⃣ Build campfires in open areas away from flammable materials.
4️⃣ Douse campfires with water before leaving, and make sure the fire is cold to the touch.
5️⃣ Use caution with outdoor equipment that can create sparks and ignite dry grass and vegetation.
6️⃣ Report unattended fires to 911 or your local fire department.
7️⃣ Properly dispose of cigarette butts, and make sure they are completely extinguished before putting them in the trash.
8️⃣ Remember to talk to your insurance company about the proper coverage to protect your property in case of a wildfire.

Share this post to spread the word about wildfire prevention, and reach out if you have any questions or want to discuss additional coverage options. 🔒