Chubb Self-Storage Facilities Program

Picture of a self-storage facility with red garage doors and a blue sky overhead.

One of our trusted carrier partners, Chubb, has recently brought to our attention their new Self-Storage Facilities Program, which could be a great additional resource for our agents who sell small business coverage. Please see the program information below and contact us with any questions.



The Chubb Self-Storage Program is sold on admitted paper and is designed to provide Commercial Package coverage for eligible self-storage facilities. Ineligible in Colorado and Texas.


Appetite Guidelines:

  • Total insurable value (TIV) under $50M
  • Purpose Built Self-Storage Buildings
  • Non-Combustible Construction & Roofing
  • Protection Class 1-8
  • No Indoor Vehicle, RV, or Watercraft Storage
  • Well lit and secure, access-controlled facilities


Key Benefits:

  • Packaged Insurance solutions tailored for the Self-Storage Facilities
  • Automatic blanket limit of insurance for select property coverages that allows insurance dollars to be used where they are needed most following a loss
  • Business Income automatic extension to 365 days
  • All lines have direct bill with installments and credit card capabilities
  • Admitted policies offered
  • Dedicated, experienced self-storage underwriters
  • Claims handling and risk control expertise


Submission requirements:

  • Current Statement of Values (SOV) or Current Coverage Limits/Deductibles
  • Current or Target Premium
  • 3-5 years of loss data, Loss Runs preferred
  • Details surrounding any of the following exposures:
    • Converted Buildings
    • Non-self-storage exposure
    • Vehicle, RV and/or Watercraft Storage
  • Chubb Supplemental Application (or similar document)


If you’re interested in selling Self-Storage coverage, please complete a Small Business Commercial quote request form and email it and applicable Accord forms to